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Note from David:
Thank you for your kind words...

I would like to start by giving you credit for changing my golf game.

And I've never even met you. Or been to the Golf Center in SA,TX- even though I used to live in SA!! I found your website four years ago or so and have read your ref. library numerous times and recommended it to several friends.

What I have incorporated most is your belief in using less clubs , your 4,7,PW Pt idea and the range bag vs playing bag. I originally did this to save money having changed and demoing so many clubs so many times. It cost less to try clubs... So I decided to play with a half set, D 3W 4H 6i 8i PW SW Pt. I didn't eliminate the BIG DOG in my bag but used it for long par 5s only. I began playing that way in 2009 and in 2010 I scored a -1 71 on Par 72. Of course I can't give you all the credit for that, maybe I had a little talent. I was shooting 80s at time but your ideas made the difference.

I still refer to your ref library often; the decline of golf, the containment theory, how to practice at the range, I always start with 8 iron. I only wish more players would try it. Your ideas about golf etiquette are right on and wish more people were there to play golf and not to get drunk....I've often thought I would like to teach others these ideas....

Ironic note.... I am a retired USAF MSgt and was stationed at Lackland AFB from 1994- 1998. But I did not play golf then!! I started playing golf in 2004 when I retired from AF. Wish I would have gotten to come there as I now live in Indiana.....just thought it was time to thank you.

Robert Smith, MSgt, USAF ret

Just a quick message to say thank you so much for your articles! I enjoyed reading them immensely and they have given me a new perspective on my game. If only the magazines /tv/rest of the golfing media could talk as much sense (or just plain truth) then more people would be enjoying the game of golf. I've had my most enjoyable rounds of golf using just a few irons and a putter (not to mention my best scores at the same time) yet I always have this feeling that I should be hitting a driver off every tee that isn't a par 3! Your 'big dog' article has reaffirmed my own thoughts on this horrible club. Really, thank you so much, I think you've just rescued my summer of golf.
Kind regards
(i made a small donation to your site, it's really not much, but I hope it finds you well all the same)

Dear Peter; Thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate it when another golfer discovers the way to make the game more enjoyable by reading my articles. (and says so) There is even the outside chance that some improvement in ability can be had once we admit that all it takes is some admission of truth about ourselves and the game we love. I have added your comments to the testimonials page on my website, if you don't mind. I would also like to send you one of my "Sponsorless Swag" golf shirts as a small thank-you for your kindness. Let me know what size you wear and an address where I can send it. Don't forget to tell your golfing friends where you got the shirt when they comment about it, and let them know about the site if you will.

Thanks again
David "Flag" Fineg

P.S. Thanks for the donation as well! That was a great gesture.

Hello David,

Thank you for the reply, I really wasn't sure if I'd hear back from you, but very pleased I have. Absolutely no problem about adding my comments to the testimonial page by the way, I'd be happy for others to read my comments. I just hope more people come across your site and read (and absorb/take in) what you have to say. Once again, thank you for a fantastic set of articles (that I've already read a few times over), they have been of more use to me than all the golf magazines I've read put together! I've already forwarded your website on to a few of my golfing friends, hopefully they will enjoy it as much as I have. With regards to the golf shirt, that is a very kind offer indeed, however, I live in the UK and delivery costs may be quite high so please do not feel obliged to send one if that is the case.
Thanks again David.

Kind regards

Hi David,
(p.s. shot a genuine 85 a few weeks back, had a blazing front 9 of three over par, then fell apart on the back 9 with the potential for breaking 80 for the 2nd time in my life getting the better of my focus/nerves. Guess how it happened? By NOT having the driver in my bag!!! So thanks again for reaffirming the the 'no driver' policy :)

Wouldn't the golf equipment industry be in trouble if all club/amateur level golfers realised the driver was the least important club in their bags! However, with Rory Mcilroy winning the last two majors with some magnificent driving off the tee, no doubt this will only boost the sale of Nike drivers... *shakes head* I guess this is why Nike pay him so much to use their equipment on the tour, they get paid tenfold back by the rest of the non professional golfers of the world)

Hi David

I´ve just had a look back, and I´ll give you the detail as I´m in the middle of doing the SEO bit on my own site - I typed in "playing golf with a half swing" on Google Search, and your Containment Theory page came up as result number 12 (page 2 on my set-up):

Containment Theory - Ten Cups Golf Center
You must stay "contained" in order to play golf effectively. The "Nonsense Zone" ... and the golf swing. You can't have a whole swing, until you have a half swing

As soon as I saw "You must stay 'contained'...", and "The 'Nonsense Zone'..." I knew you were talking my language. I enjoyed the containment page - all good stuff, and now committed to memory (well okay, written up my arm) - and couldn´t resist a look at your videos. I watched 5 first - okay, but nothing wildly exciting, then decided to watch video 1 and fell apart within minutes. Great stuff.

By all means quote me, and if you want to use my name or email carry on - no problem.

If you´re ever down in the Amazon, look me up and I´ll take you for a round on the only 18-hole course within a million square kilometres.

Good luck!
Jack T.


Hi David

I laughed ´til the tears rolled down my trouser legs at the Monkeyman 1000 video. This Saturday I´ll be playing with a 6 iron, a wedge and a putter. The others can do what they like..!

All the best
Clive Maguire
Jack T.


Hey Flag (David),

Jack and I just wanted to jot off a quick note to thank you again for the very enjoyable and most informative advice on the golf swing. What a simple revolution it was to finally understand how to find “my” swing!  Using your techniques to locate a reliable swing for that day improved my score, play, and my attitude. And it has already worked again, on another day without you. Jack wanted me to say that you “changed the complexion of his game.” Anyway, thanks again for all the help. We will be recommending you to all our friends. It was worth every penny.

Alex R.
Jack T.


Just read your golf measurements article. How wise you are. Just the other day I was trying to put into words what it was that I enjoyed about this humbling, wonderful game. I think that what keeps me coming back time and again is the wonderful feeling I get when I hit that perfect shot. If my scores and bad shots were my focal point, I would have quit long ago.

Terry W.
San Diego, Ca.

Hey Terry;
Thanks for the very kind words. I am proud to have been of some help, or humor, as either is positive. As one of the greatest golfers of all time (Harry Callahan) said, "A man has got to know his limitations." That is truly one of the wonderful things about the game. Oh, and one more thing---CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE THE FIRST WINNER OF THE -- FREE SHIRT FOR A TESTIMONIAL--PROMOTION!!! Go back to the website and decide which of the "SPONSORLESS SWAG" polos you would like and email me the selection and your size, address, etc.  One will be lovingly sent your way with my thanks.  Take care and don't quit.

David "flag" Fineg
P.S. I lived in San Diego for more than ten years a while back----you lucky.....

Hi David !! Hope all is well! This is Bob up in Canada!!! We still have snow  BUT!!  Spring is on it's way!! Do you have a golf training or tips drill DVD on your theory and ideas about the game of  golf?  I left a testimonial on your web site last year and I think your teachings are RIGHT ON!!! Thanks for your time. Bob

Hi Bob,
I am about to use the word "lovely" twice. It is lovely to hear from you. Hope this email finds you in good spirits and all about you in good health. The idea for a dvd is a lovely idea. I will begin working on this weekend. A "How to find your swing, and how to practice with it" You will the first recipient of the product. Thanks for the good idea. Will be needing your address shortly.
Take Care
David "flag" Fineg

Hi David !!!  It's GREAT!!!   That you are going to do the DVD project!!  You need to get your message out to the people !!!  Hopefully this is a start to maybe a new DVD package of your ideas and theories that the normal golfer can purchase to gain confidents and enjoyment in the game of golf.  Thanks again for your time. Bob

3/5/2010 - 3/7/2010


I followed the link to your web page from the "Golf Guru" section on the ISUCKATGOLF website. I read your containment theory and really liked what you were saying. I hope it helps me find my swing! I really liked your site and found your videos hilarious! Plus, I lived in S.A. briefly and loved the area. Thanks for the site and all the helpful info. Proud to be "one of you"!


Hi David !

Hope all is well!! Saw your YouTube clip FOUR SEVENS AND A PUTT and then checked out your web site, tencups.com. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ON ABOUT THE WAY THE GAME OF GOLF SHOULD BE PLAYED!!!!

Bob From Canada

Hi to Bud, Shelby and Ten Cups Man,

Following a recent trip to Temple Newsam Golf Course in beautiful Leeds England, I had the surprise of my life on the 5th tee. My golfing buddy Dave suddenly produced from his bag a Monkeyman 1000!!!!!! (See picture.) Just look at the head on that monkey. Beautiful aint it! He would not let me know where he had acquired it from and also went on to perform a strange stretching exercise before utilising the big dog???? One thing that was definately needed were some screaming monkey balls however or at least some gripeezr for the monk as the balls were flying everywhere but the fairways!!! Perhaps he needs some de mojanation!

Anyway biggest respect to the wisdom of tencups man!


View the Monkey Man 1000 Video


I just found your site and I loved all the articles you wrote. I took your advice on leaving the driver home and it helped me play my best round ever! I used a 3 wood to tee off and hit every fairway except for one that barely found the rough. I would have broken 80 for the first time if not for a few blown puts and a triple bogey. Thanks again and please make more videos!

Las Vegas


Was I the first one to take your new revolution "golf lesson"? The enthusiasm you showed while giving me that lesson, made me feel as if I was. If not, then the level of dedication to your ideas was very impressive. But now on to what I got out of it. After booking the lesson, I read the article you said was the basis for your concept. And after taking the lesson I must wonder why you claim that you don't presume to be able to help me with my swing, because that was the most important improvement I feel I got form the time I spent with you on the golf course. Showing me how to "find my swing" before playing was what I feel was one of the keys to my success that day. The other concept that I now know I was not embracing was the concept of playing with the mission being to MAXIMIZE/MINIMIZE! That is the strategy I think most golfers completely forget about, when they arrive to play. (As you pointed out). I had wondered how you could be prepared to waive all your fees, and even offer to pay for your golf. I now, no longer wonder. It was easily the most effective money I have ever spent on golf "lessons". I love the on course way in which you impart the information. All while using your own information to demonstrate what you are taking about, so I could see (and believe in) the success I would achieve with it. Please feel free to use this letter to promote your lessons, and even include my full name if you wish. Thanks for your help.

Robert Morgan
San Antonio


I just wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance over the past few years. You have truly taught me the importance of control and resisting the temptation of taking a "rip" at it! Golf is a game of NOT bringing the club all the way back!! I would say we have taken at least 8 strokes off my game in the last 5 years---and yes, I have been playing golf for over 25 years!

Steve Richardson
San Antonio, TX


I watched the videos and and found them funny, fitting and subtly profound. The message paralleled your class on the "Containment Theory". It is the theory I now embrace in my golf swing practice with great results.

Your instruction was realistic, blunt and easy to embody.

It was enlightening do be introduced/reminded of the actual strategy that improves golf scores. If you really want to impress, it wont be out of your bag but on the card at the end of the game.

To sum it up, I enjoyed the videos, I enjoyed the class and I am a better golfer for listening to you.

Thanks and good luck,
Steve C.


Just wanted to scribble a short note to thank you for all the help with my swing you have given me. My golf game has improved to the point where my husband has told me he is proud to have me as his partner for our weekly scramble! It was the nicest thing he has said to me in years! HA HA. But seriously, your continuing encouragement, and easy to grasp instruction, have elevated my game tremendously. You have helped me with something that allows us to be more connected with one another. You have no idea how much this means to me. I will always hold you in very high regard for that. I also wanted to say that your advocacy for women is very refreshing, and I love the shirts! You will be getting a notice from your paypal account alerting you to my purchases! You are a good teacher, and a good man.

Sharon H.
San Antonio


You were right about EVERYTHING! When I first started coming out there, i would listen to you rant your thoughts on golf. some of them sounded silly, (your zen contained whatever) and some of the stuff sounded stupid. Drivers are useless? Give me a break. Well over time I read your articles and even adopted things out of them. They actually helped with my golf. But take the driver out of my bag and "toss it in a chipper" cause all it would do for me was "elevate my score and my blood pressure"? NO WAY! Well, last weeek I decided to leave it at home as you suggested. Play two rounds without a driver. I figured if I would do that, then maybe I could get you to shut up finally. On the way out to the course I was panicking. I tried to relax and told myself I would borrow a driver from one of the other guys when I got there. But I decided to try it without for a few holes anyway. I played the best round of golf and most enjoyable that I have for at least 15 years. Until the sixteenth hole which was a long par five. My buddies were teasing me all day and at that hole I borrowed my friends brand new calloway and proceeded to smash a huge drive...right out into the pampas gorse...and triple bogeyed the damn hole. I was so dissapointed in myself for havoing let them talk me into using that club! But I parred the next two holes and shot an 83! When I got home I gave my driver to my brother as it was to expensive to destroy. But I wont be buying another one, thats for sure. I cant believe I play radically better golf WITHOUT a driver! And I can't thank you enough. WHAT ELSE DO YOU KNOW? anyway, thanks again and i will see you soon out there and thank you in person. P.S. I have halfway converted two of the other three as well. almost.

Bob W.
San Antonio

View the video: 10 Strokes in 10 Seconds

Dear David,
I want to thank you for the time and patience you have shown when teaching me to play golf. It all payed off last weekend in Ruidoso, New Mexico. I was playing at Cree Meadows Golf Course and i scored the best round of my life. I shot 43 on the front and 44 on the back, for an awesome 87! I only used four clubs the entire round. I useed a 5 wood, 5 iron, 7 iron, and my putter. The course i played is lined with houses. I did not want to buy any windows while playing so i throttled back and played the tencups way. I actually was playing from my own fairway and played the entire round with the same ball. For anyone who wants to score lower and have more fun playing, go easy and only play with the clubs you can hit sweet and true. I was stuck at 100 for the last 7 or 8 rounds. Eureka! 87 Baby. Thanks David for your help in turning this hacker into a duffer, and this duffer into a golfer, maybe. i have to go back up that 87 now. I love this game!

Walter H

Dear David;
I want to relate a story to you i know you will find to be of interest. I had purchased a sleeve of the "Blessed Balls" from you on my last visit to your place in mid December as a gift for my son on Christmas Day. I decided to place the balls in my bag, as I know I'd be playing golf with him that day and would have them to give to him on the course. During their stay in my bag I played the best golf I have played in 30 years! On Christmas Day, my son and I were playing golf at our home course in Tennessee, and my son was hacking it up bad. By the 15Th hole, he was ready to give up. It was then that I remembered I had the balls in my bag, and took them out and offered them to to him with an apology for having forgotten it until now. With a brief instruction on their usage, he put them in his bag, and proceeded to par the last three holes! I am writing you now to ask that you send him a sleeve of his own, as I can not give up this sleeve of mine. Thanks for all your help with my golf, david. Really appreciate it!

Ron Hornlund
Memphis, TN 3/4/05

Sometimes fate puts you in the right place at the right time. I hadn’t been out there in quite a while because quite frankly, practicing had gotten to the point where it was just about as frustrating as trying to play so I pretty much gave it up. Happened by there last week to try some new clubs I was thinking about buying and it was the best thing I’ve done in a long time. I saw your sign about your seminars and figured what the heck – with all I’ve spent on golf in the past 36 years what was $10 more? Best money I have ever spent on golf! Some of what you told me I had heard before but with everything else that was added it put a new perspective on it. I have been coming out there the past few days with only my 7 iron and while I’m sure I have a ways to go I am actually seeing results. Best of all it has made practicing fun again. I can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t benefit from your seminar and am going to do my best to get my friends out there.

Mike D – San Antonio  3/5/05

Hey Dave

Thanks for introducing me to the half swing man you really helped my game and I am now an honest high 80's man( sometimes low 90's). Every time I think I am ready for that driver I am quickly reminded I need to put it away for a while longer. I score better without it anyway and when I see my friends pull their driver out, I know I am going to have a good game.

I love your website dude it is pretty damn cool and I wish the best of luck today, tomorrow, the future and a couple of days after that. Thanks for your advise and for not butting into my business when I was working on my swing. Your shake of the head said it all and your half smile as well. Remember you can't have a full smile until you have a half smile

Aaron from Oklahoma


I normally, do not give feedback to any one, however in this case I must. I signed up for one of your offered seminars on the golf swing. I sat there and listened, read the handout and found, to my surprise, and immediate improvement in my ability to hit that little white ball straight. Now I want to learn more. Just want to same thanks. One more thing, I have recommended your course to all my friends.



Dave, I wanted to thank you for your hospitality today for me and my son. I dont know if you have any kids, but teenage boys and dads are a real challenge to figure out, but when I golf with him, we connect and that why Golf is a great sport, but mostly to me, a situation that help's us deal with one another regardless of our viewpoints on life's crap! Just hit the dang thing and have a laugh.
Mac McIntosh
Helotes, Texas


Justin made a very small to the donation to Ten Cups Man and said "his swing got better". I did notice this when we were there the last time. We are just going to make a bigger donation next time.



I think that you should include some more pictures of the range and such. What I like about your place so much is the way it's laid out. Some images missing from your website that makes it special to me are:

  • Picture of The Alien in the tree.
  • Picture and mention of the Bell Targets so-many-yards out.
  • Picture of "Mr. Get-In-There-Ball!" man.
  • Picture of History's First Golfer EVER in his natural resting spot with the
  • incense and a candle burning.
  • Picture of the spray-misters and heated mats with the hanging sun and wind
  • shielding "privacy" mesh.
  • Night picture of the addictive pitch-shot targets.
  • Picture of the "Meditation Park" area. A personal favorite of mine.
  • Drink and snack prices.
  • Operational hours and mention of the Group Pricing
  • Private Party rules and pricing
  • BBQ Rules and Pricing.
Also, perhaps a webpage-background-playing sample of some of that smooth jazz that keeps me coming back and staying there longer than I should!

Maybe a military discount would be nice considering the number of military
that live in your NorthWest area. It'll put you over the edge over the
competition for the military here in town as well as encourage the
Word-of-Mouth advertising amongst the troops on base.

What about a Same-Day-Movie-Ticket-Stub discount. I imagine that a lot of dads wouldn't mind tossing a club or two in the trunk and then winding down at the range after taking the kids to a show. Especially if they got shoved out the house with the kids by the wife and/or just need to kill time before/after a movie.

Mikey Wells
Loyal Patron of Ten Cups


Thanks for the $20 video clarification this evening. You gave me 3 important tips today.

You see David, I am sick and tired of people telling me about how I have a good swing, and are so shocked to find out that I have never scored an 85. They say, "..you hit the ball so well". I smile and say thank you, but I am actually frustrated about it. I DO think I have a good swing and I DO think I hit the ball well. I think I am so good, that I give other people tips about their swing. Today you gave me the 4th, 5th, and 6th good tip I have gotten from you. You didn't know I was keeping count did you? I have been to your fun website several times so I know you don't mind reading. The first two tips was two years ago when you gave me your paper to read. Result, purity of swing, and get rid of the frustrating driver.

The third tip was on a day when your video equipment was broken. I think you charged me 10 dollars that day. I was muscling shots and couldn't regulate distance, plus I was slicing right. Result, take the club straight back and straight up through the target line. It worked for me for a little while but then as the months went on, it stopped working on longer shots but still works ok on short par threes. However, I learned TEMPO, while using that swing.

The 4th tip was to keep my head from bobbing up and down and getting too tall in my downswing. I knew that tip already, but I didn't know I was doing it on my GOOD swings. The video and computer rudely backed up your observation. That was not me, bobbing my head. I tell OTHER amateurs to not bob their heads. The amazing thing about that tip was how you beautifully explained how I was bobbing my head. I allowed one good tip from another instructor to get in the way of my perfect swing. Thanks to you, I know my body is not made to have my shoulder under my chin in the backswing. Your statement made so much sense...."....that ONE motion of getting your shoulder under your chin is messing up YOUR comfort zone swing by setting off a series of events that forces your body to make too many corrections to get you back on plane to hit the ball......".

The 5th tip was taking my club back and turning the club face open in my backswing. I always concentrated on my left arm in the backswing and was very relaxed with my wrists. Once you made me aware of them, I saw an immediate improvement. My ball stopped going straight to the right or slicing to the right.

The 6th tip was to bring attention to my swing trigger. I have had that hitch forever, but once again, you explained how it could be messing up my swing. It is astonishing to realize that I could have been sabotaging my good set up over the ball from the VERY BEGINNING of my swing with my hitch.

David, I am writing this for one reason. I want you to know that it takes TALENT to see a stranger's golf swing, and correctly assess the level that person is at, and then tell him or her what to do in order to get the result the amateur golfer is happy with. You have that talent, David and in all the times you have given me tips, you down play it. Two years ago, Tip #3 was a great tip that got instant results. It worked good for my sorry swing at the time. Several months later, my swing got better, and that tip didn't work on longer shots. Guess what, at the time you told me that tip, I didn't have a consistent off of the fairway long shot. Tonight, you've done it again, you've shown me how to compact my swing. This new swing will work on my longer iron shots also. It is so simple it's amazing.

David, there are plenty of people in San Antonio in need of cheap lessons. You knew that already. Why you don't advertise that I have no idea.

P.S. I am a computer expert that regularly takes video and burns them to disk and to DVD. VHS is not the only way, however, I can do that too. Lets talk the next time I see you and no, I don't want money.

James Evans

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