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Ten Cups Golf has decided to move to cyberspace. Grass grows much more slowly, less mowing gives owner more time to hit virtually great shots.

Ten Cups; the esoteric alternative
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Home of Ten Cups Man
Fossilized remains of paleolithic golfer unearthed at Ten Cups.

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Discovery of Ten Cups Man

The extraordinary discovery: a fossilized skeleton, still intact, was found cloaked by the fog of an early June morning. During the ritual repositioning of the hitting line, our attention was drawn to a divot pattern that more closely resembled a large excavation. As we approached, Flag began bemoaning the amount of sod required to fill such a chasm, all I could think of was this golfer needed to view Flag's divot pattern training video. As we stood there, peering down into the freshly tilled earth, the oddly familiar skeletal outline revealed itself to us.

Ten Cups Man, as he was quickly named, was carefully removed from his resting spot and flown to the Dassomuchshet Museum of Archaeology in Munich, Germany. Dr. Verlag Klinke, chief conservator of the museum, led the investigation and performed extensive scientific tests, including radiocardum 10 dating.

The skeleton was determined to be 5,000 years old. It was also surrounded by Late Neolithic (New Stone Age) to Early Copper Age items that included a copper headed golf club, a glass talisman, and a half dozen golf balls made of a heretofore unknown-lightweight rock. Gift's from the Gods? Or is this the Golf God himself?

Being a holotype (the first specimen found), taxonomic classification was begun. Ten Cups Man is now known in scientific circles as Divotensis excavatorea.

The discovery will forever change the known history of golf. Ongoing investigations are yielding new and exciting information which you can review on your next visit to the new Ten Cups Man Museum at the Ten Cups Golf Center in San Antonio, TX.

View and listen to "Conversations with Ten Cups Man"

Read the story behind the revelation that Ten Cups Man imparts some sort of "vibrational energy" to golf balls. Blessed by the Golf God?

A particularly enlightened patron consciously went before Ten Cups Man and presented for his blessing, the remaining balls in his bucket. While in meditation, before what we now know as the Golf God, our patron felt a subtle energy and a moment of clarity come over him. And in that moment, Ten Cups Mans' eyes lit up!

Acting with the subtle energy and mindfulness he felt, he quickly ran the balls back to his hitting slot. An inner knowledge was telling him that the balls, which before consistently sliced off into the woods, would now fly with grace to the target.

Sure enough, every ball he hit went straight where he was aiming and flew almost 25 yards farther than any he had hit before. He immediately summoned Bud "Flag" Zenswing to witness this miracle. Upon presenting his own balls to Ten Cups Man, Bud too felt the subtle vibrational energy, mindfulness, and moment of clarity. And with the blink of the eyes...

The Ten Cups Man ceremony was born.

Bud "Flag" Zenswing understanding his calling, wants others to experience "a moment of clarity" each time they step up to the ball. Blessed Balls are now packaged and shipped directly to you after each ceremony.

Golf, as life, is about mindfulness and having the right energy. Carry the blessing with you today.

Keep a sleeve of these balls in your golf bag. What could it hurt?

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