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By David Fineg

As one of the "fore-most" golf historians, I can tell you that golfers had figured out very early on, one important fact. The distance a golf club could hit a golf ball, was inversely proportional with it's importance to the score. Some guy (I forget his name, Dave "the icon" Pelz, something like that) recently figured out which clubs have the greater influence on the numerical outcome of the game. His statistical analysis showed some similarity to the observations of those fifteenth century noblemen. (I bet this is why he decided to teach only the SHORT game) Yet these are all just stupid measurements, and you know how men are obsessed with measuring things. The obsession with measurements is one of the root causes for the destruction of golf. Most golfers are fixated on the wrong measurements in golf. Not knowing what to measure, they watch the other golfers and read the propaganda papers in an effort to find out what the important measurement is. And nearly all of them never do figure out what to measure, before giving up and leaving the game.


If a particular club in your bag is actually costing you more strokes than it is saving you, I would like to recommend you not use it. Professional golfers can hit a driver for score. But they are the ONLY ones that can. Furthermore, professionals are the only ones capable of realizing the benefits of the new driver technology. They benefit from this technology to such an extent, that golf course architects have been frightened into designing longer and narrower golf courses in an effort to humble the best players. But since the best players never play the course, the only ones humbled are the rest of us. And humbled isn't even close to the right word to describe what is happening to us. Embarrassed and angered might be the better choices. Men will put up with being made to look like a sissy, or a skill-lacking hacker only so long. And then they will quit. This game is hard enough without the first swing on every hole requiring an unachievable level of precision.

But, back to my rant about measurement. Until men realize that how far they hit a golf ball has nothing to do with how well they score in golf, (unless they're at a place in their game where any improvement in their score is taking them BELOW par) they will NEVER be able to take their game to the next level. Have you ever noticed the gallery at a tour event, oohing and aahing at the instant one of the pros smashes a huge drive off the tee....and then watching the shot fly off course, deep into the woods? These people are caught up in the spectacle of a huge swing. Obviously impressed by the loud transfer of power imparted to the golf ball by some giant headed club moving at 140 miles per hour. Not waiting to applaud the shot until they see it land in the fairway. This is proof they don't care how far off the line the shot goes, but how far down the line the shot goes. Have you seen the look on the face of the pro that hit that shot? He could not care less how far DOWN the line the ball went, and is very angry how far OFF the line the ball went. This is proof that at the highest levels of golf, they KNOW which measurement is the more important of the two. IF YOU DON'T HAVE STRAIGHT, YOU DON'T WANT LONG!

The most important measurement in professional golf is the score after the round. THE MOST IMPORTANT MEASUREMENT IN AMATEUR GOLF IS THE MEASUREMENT OF YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE AFTER THE ROUND! Success in amateur golf involves bringing this measurement down.

I'd like to know who it was that managed to convince everybody that the least important club in golf, was now the most important. What was their motivation? How could everybody be so willing to go along with them?

The manufacturers are the false "profits" I speak of, trying to convince you that your game could be taken to the next level if you only bought their new driver. Designed to hit the ball farther and be more forgiving in the process. The new drivers will hit the ball farther, but the forgiveness you are going to get, is not going to keep you out of the woods. So you are just going to be hitting them farther... into the woods. This will invariably raise your blood pressure, and lower the amount of time left before you give up on this wonderful game. It takes years and hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of golf swings to achieve the necessary proficiency to hit a driver for score. Newcomers to golf will never hit a driver well enough to get it saving them strokes before they give up the game in disgust. They won't be around long enough to realize that the manufacturers have misled them about what is important to the score. The manufacturers will have to answer for this. It will end up costing them sales of all the other clubs in the bag, over the length of the devoted golfers life. Instead they will have to be happy selling a couple of drivers to the novice before he gives up playing, thinking that since he can't hit the driver, he will never be able to put up a decent score. And nothing could be further from the truth.

Forget all of the measurements of golf (including the score) and see how many good swings in a row you can make. See how much enjoyment you can get from the game when you hit a good shot. See if you can get the game to help you with your blood pressure. These are the measurements that are important.



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